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“Personal Indemnity and Public Liability insurance seem very difficult to track down in New Zealand and expensive – similar cover in the UK is widely available for about $400 per year or less. Here, several brokers said they can’t offer this cover, or I was quoted nearly $3,000. GSI was easy to access and well-priced, in line with what other people in my field pay”

Business Mentor/ Higher Education consultant

“Your price was much better than the competition.”

IT Network Support

“You acquired my business because:

- The policy, the underwriting, website content is well articulated and aimed directly at me i.e. perfect target marketing.
- The website is Intelligent with good usability.
- There was no phaffing around - the quote process was easy, the purchase process was easy, it was non-invasive (as in I did not have to provide personal information until I was in the purchase frame of mind)

Other companies wanted to acquire all of my information and then ring back trying to close the sale - in this day and age that is a waste of everyone's time and frustrating. “

Virtual Kiwi Ltd

“Thanks for having an easy process, you have saved us a lot of time!”

Octal Ltd

“My colleagues referred me to GSI for an easy, fast experience!”

IT Computer Contractor

“A colleague said that you provided a good service with good rates so thought I would give it a try. It has been very easy to setup and seems to be a good service so far. “

IT Project Manager

“To be honest I first ignored your Google add but went back to it when other ranked results had over complex webpages. The purchase process was really easy and simple so that sold it for me in the end. “

Satori Consulting Ltd

“I chose you guys because you gave quotes without having to give you my details (I freakin hate that), it was reasonably priced, your FAQ was very helpful, and your instant chat had a human on the other end to answer questions. Overall, it was a very easy to recommend process.“


“I had heard through other contractors that this was a good and easy service. Was definitely easy to apply and received documentation in a timely fashion.“

Business Analyst

“GSI’s online quoting system was extremely simple to use and when I had queries the team gave great support. What I had imagined was going to be a lengthy & costly process was made very pain free with the support and guidance from the team.

Great work GSI!”

Shannon Carlson

” The service was excellent and straight-forward.”

Martin Turner
CV Writer

” I have found GSI Direct to be really good to work with, the website is easy to use and the quote came quickly, the service has been excellent and fast too. I would recommend GSI Direct to anyone running a business who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance.”

Diarmuid Kingsleigh-Smith
Sequence Limited

“ We have recently had a substantial claim against us in small claims tribunal and needed legal support to deal with it. GSI has been very prompt and professional in getting us the help we needed and the action was successful. You only ever find out how good an insurance is when there is an issue, so we did. We are very pleased and can highly recommend GSI to any small business. Great website, easy to deal with.”

Wolfgang Himme
Managing Director - Property Management

“ I was amazed that GSI covered my claim, and I was extremely pleased with the speed of GSI’s response and later, the speed with which our claim was processed. It was a pleasant experience throughout the whole process, and communication was always prompt. I would strongly recommend GSI to any small business owner. You would be insane not to have this kind cover in place”

Tracey Mackay
Property Manager

“ The online portal is quick and easy to use. Coverage is clear and price is competitive. Overall a great product and service.”

Property Manager

“ My experience over the phone was managed well and my expectation and questions were answered to my satisfaction. Many thanks for the patience and guidance provided.”


“ We needed to arrange Professional Indemnity Insurance over a weekend prior to entering into a contract the following Monday. GSI Direct made this process easy, providing flexibility around the types of indemnity and liability cover options we could choose using their online application process. The fact that GSI Direct is underwritten by Lloyd’s was a factor in our decision to choose them as well. Great service, thank you.”

Samaki Consulting Limited

“ The cheapest quote out there. Thanks for making it easy.”

Alight Consulting

“ I found the online application process easy to follow and had no trouble completing the information. The renewal service was excellent with reminders and prompts by email.”

Director - Adviser Business Compliance

“ I recently purchased professional indemnity insurance through GSI Direct. The online application was simple, and my insurance was approved and issued straight away. When I requested a slight modification to the insurance, GSI Direct were quick to reply and make the change. I would recommend this service.”

Waimarie Financial Modelling

” Thanks for making it so simple to get the insurance policies I need! I just hope I never need to call on them.”

Yvonne Box
The Real Estate Coach Ltd

” I review insurance requirements annually. This year I heard of GSI on the radio and decided to investigate. Turned out to be the best cost saving few minutes. We have higher cover levels, lower excesses and better premiums. The website is simple, with immediate invoices and certificates on hand.

If you need liability cover I’d definitely recommend you check GSI out.”

Sandra Clifton
Twelfth Element Ltd

“ I had an urgent need to organise Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance at fairly short notice. I rang a broker and was met with a 15 page questionnaire before I could even get a quote. It all became too hard and then in discussion with a colleague, he referred me to Glenn Stone at GSI. I called Glenn and within minutes, and after filling out a brief questionnaire, he provided me with the cover I required and at a premium I could afford.

The whole process was very quick and very painless and I recommend Glenn at GSI for your PI and PL insurance needs.”

Denis Stevens
Stevens Consultants Ltd

“ Initially got your name from a contact at Spark Digital. Jumped on the site and it was incredibly easy to set up our insurance cover. All done and dusted in 10 minutes and an amazing price… What more can you ask for.”

Aaron Panapa
Redline Technology Group

“ We have used GSI for over one year now and have just renewed our policy for our company’s Liability Insurance.

We like the unbureaucratic way we can do this and the quick responses we had when we had a question. Fortunately we did not yet have to test how good the cover is as we never had to make a claim in our 10 year history. We believe it is a good cover tailored to our needs and value for money.”

Wolfgang Himme
The Good Home Property Management

“ We’ve looked at a variety of insurance providers and GSI Direct was by far the most straightforward provider to deal with for getting a new indemnity insurance. The intuitive website and the assistance via live chat really made it easy to get the required insurance for my company. Cheers!”

SHS Tax Accounting Limited
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