Professional Indemnity insurance for Marketing, Digital and New Media professionals

Cover that's tailored to your profession

Marketing, Digital and New Media covers a wide range of professionals and contractors – from interior designers and marketing consultants to website designers and media buyers.

Each of these roles involves high-value advice and professional services. If one of your clients suffers financial loss, you want to be sure you’re protected from a claim for damages.

GSI offers Professional Indemnity cover that’s ideal for designers and other digital and new media professionals and consultants.

It’s easy to arrange your Professional Indemnity insurance. We’ll give you a quote in 30 seconds and your cover could be in place within minutes.

When you buy Professional Indemnity insurance from us, you also have the option to include other types of specialised liability insurance.

For details of the cover we can provide to you please read the combined liability scheme wording.

Here’s a list of the digital and new media professionals and contractors we cover:

  • Advertising consultant (excluding design)
  • Brand consultant
  • Communication Consultant
  • Copywriter
  • Corporate identity consultant
  • Editor
  • Event Organiser
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Market research
  • Media buyer
  • Public Relations consultant
  • Website designer
  • Website marketing


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