Directors and Officers' Indemnity Insurance

Cover for Key decision makers

What does it do?

Directors and Officers’ Indemnity provides cover for the costs of defending legal action arising from the decisions and actions taken by your company’s managers in the ordinary course of business.

Where the company has indemnified the director or officer we will reimburse the company, if not we will reimburse the directors and officers directly.

Why do I need it?

Directors of companies often make tough and complex decisions. These will have a large impact on the direction and, often, profitability of the business. Sometimes these decisions lead to investigations by the regulators or civil claims.

Additionally businesses, even small ones, are operating in multiple jurisdictions – where different rules and regulations apply. These elements can often lead to mistakes being made for which directors can be personally liable.

While our cover cannot help mitigate these risks occurring, it can help deal with the results by providing financial assistance to the director or company.


Examples of breaches by directors which may be covered include:

  • Breach of certain legislative compliance obligations;
  • Failing to pay dividends;
  • Failing to act in the best interests of the company; or
  • Providing misleading prospectus information.
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