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Understanding Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability insurance provides covers for: the costs of settlement or damages in respect of claims for personal injury to employees; which occurred in the course of their employment; and not covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

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Understanding Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers’ liability (D&O) provides cover for the costs of defending legal action arising from the decisions and actions taken by a company’s directors or senior management.

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Professional Indemnity – Notifying a Claim

Working in the insurance industry it’s always surprising the number of clients that don’t notify to their insurance company when they have a dispute with a client or a threat of legal action that has been made against them in respect of the professional services they provide.

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Introduction to Public and Products Liability Insurance

This insurance policy provides cover when people are blaming you for causing them personal injury or property damage, whilst carrying out your business. They may be demanding compensation for the loss or injury they have suffered, and threatening to take legal action against you.

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Statutory Liability Insurance – Things You Need to Know

There are a wide range of offences under many different statutes that companies, directors, employees and other organisations can breach. A statutory liability policy covers you to defend an unintentional breaches as well as the fines that a legally indemnifiable and reparations under Health and Safety legislation.

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Liability Insurance & The New Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

The Health and Safety in Work Act was passed by Parliament in August 2015. Health and safety is an issue that impacts virtually all companies and organisations in New Zealand and the Act has the potential to bring about some big changes.

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‘Claims Made’ Liability Insurance

Most liability insurance policies are ‘claims made’ policies, some of which include: Professional indemnity Directors and officers liability Statutory liability Employer liability …………………… but what does claims made actually mean?

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Professional Indemnity Insurance – When would I need it?

If you provide advice or services to someone where they rely on that advice or service, it needs to be correct or accurate. If it’s not and that person suffers a financial cost because of it, they can sue you for the loss they have suffered.

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